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                   GLEBE HOUSE SURGERY

                                               19 Firby Road, Bedale, DL8 2AT                           Tel: 01677 422616

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Repeat Prescriptions


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Requesting prescriptions


- Ask at the front desk to request your prescriptions

- Handing in the repeat prescription slip to either the surgery or your local chemist

- Providing a written note with your name, date of birth and items you are wanting to either the surgery or your local chemist

- Using the online service

Please note we cannot accept prescriptions over the phone.




Repeat medications


Repeats are medications which are taken long term and are listed on your prescription slip when you collect your prescription. Please allow up to 3 days until collecting your repeat prescription from the surgery or chemist.




Acute medications


Acutes are medications which are being trialled, need close monitoring or taking for short term. These need to be checked by your doctor before being prescribed and can take longer than repeat prescriptions; this is to ensure the medication is being prescribed appropriately and is being monitored by a GP. If you have not had a certain medication for a long time, it may be put into acute and you may need to see a GP before it can be prescribed again.




Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)


We are able to send your prescriptions to a chemist of your choice electronically. This means your prescriptions will be prepared sooner, reduces paper waste and saves the NHS millions of pounds each year. If you would like your prescriptions to go via EPS, please inform reception of your preferred chemist or ask your local chemist.




Medication Reviews


Depending on the medication you are taking, you may need a medication review every 6 or 12 months. Your prescription slip will notify you of when this is due or you will be contacted by reception to arrange the review when asked by the doctor. The online service does not notify of when medication reviews are due until the review time. If you are due a review, you can still request your prescription but the doctor may stop your medication if you request too many times after your review is due. To get your medication reviewed, you can see any GP or our in-house pharmacist Mr Robert Burnley. Our in-house pharmacist comes once a week to help patients with their medication reviews and can be done over the phone. Some reviews may require your blood pressure or bloods to be taken at the surgery.







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