Booking Appointments

Call us on: 01677 422616 at 8am Monday – Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)

If for any reason you are unable to attend an appointment please let us know in advance so that we are able to offer this to another patient.

For a GP or Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP)

Most appointments for any day are released when the surgery opens at 8am. Appointments can also be booked up to four weeks in advance. If you are unsuccessful in getting an appointment at 8am, we advise you ask if there are any pre-bookable appointments available.

Home Visits

If you are unable to get to the surgery for health reasons and require a doctor, you can arrange for a home visit. When contacting the surgery for a home visit, the receptionist will ask who the visit it for, best number to contact and the reason for the home visit. Please call visit requests in before 11am. A GP will then call to see if a visit is needed or if the issue can be dealt with over the phone. Please only call after 11am if the visit is urgent for that day and cant wait for the next routine slot, the duty doctor will then contact you and assess.

Please note it may not be your usual GP who contacts you for the home visit due to availability.

Telephone Calls

A GP or ANP can call you during one of their allocated appointment slots to discuss a number of issues including test results, referrals and medications. If you are unsure whether your matter can be discussed over the phone, please ask one of the receptionists. Please note a clinician cannot make an assessment over the phone and will most likely need to see you face-to-face.

Call times are during early and late morning (between 8:00AM – 8:30AM and 11:00AM – 1:00PM). If you are unable to answer the call, it will be noted on your record and you may need to rebook.


When there are no routine appointments available and you require medically urgent attention, we are able to arrange for a doctor to contact you to make an initial assessment over the phone of your medical emergency. The doctor may ask you to come down to the surgery at a specified time. Please be aware we are not an emergency service and a doctor will only be able to see you when they are available. If you feel your circumstance is more urgent, please contact 111 for advice or 999 for emergency services.

Practice Nurses, Health Care Assistants and Phlebotomists

All nurse appointments are to be booked in advance. If you require regular appointments (such as dressings or drug monitoring), it is highly recommended to book well in advance to ensure availability and continuity. It is worth noting we can book three months in advance for all our nurses. We aim to provide an appointment for you within two weeks.


You may request a suitably trained chaperone for any procedure, test or examination. Friends and family are not permitted to act as chaperones.

Please note – both male and female clinical team members work within the practice, if you have a preference please ensure you discuss this when you book your appointment.

In-House Pharmacist

If you require a medication review, you can speak to one our in-house pharmacists . A session is run on most Wednesday and Thursday mornings where you can review your medication either over the phone or face-to-face. You can also talk to them about any queries you have about your medication. Please be aware that if you take blood pressure medication, you may need to come in to have your blood pressure checked as part of your review.

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