When to Worry

When to Worry if Your Child is Unwell?

SymptomManage at HomeSeek Medical Advice
Snotty nose, CoughPlenty of fluids, paracetamol (always check packaging for correct dose) 
TemperatureIf your child is still active, eating/drinking – try  paracetamol/ibuprofen & fluidsIf child is listless, lethargic, disinterested in eating/drinking
RashIf it passes the glass test – press a glass tumbler against it. If the colour disappears, it passesIf the colour remains during the glass test seek immediate medical advice
VomitingFrequent small sips of water to prevent dehydration – if a child is peeing regularly, they won’t be significantly dehydratedIf your child does not pee for 6-7 hours
CoughingCoughs can generally last 3-6 weeks after a cold has gone. This is normalIf child is struggling to breathe, if they are choking, if breathing is laboured or so fast they cannot eat or drink, if they are pale or blue
WheezingA whistling noise when breathing out.   Common in asthma and viral infections. Don’t worry if they are managing to talk normally, are active and can drink and eatIf child is struggling to breathe, if their ribs are sucking in and out, if they are too breathless to talk or if they are lethargic

Where Can I Find Out More?

Visit NHS Choices at www.nhs.uk/Conditions or the patient website at www.patient.co.uk for more information. Remember that your pharmacist can also assist you in assessing your symptoms.