Having Issues With SystmOnline?

The surgery is aware of issues associated with the online service. We apologise if you are experiencing problems with the service and we are providing resources to help patients with their queries.


There have been a few instances of patients booking appointments online at 8AM to find they do not have an appointment. We understand this can be very frustrating and causes unnecessary delays in patient care. The issue is caused by latency between the online booking and us receiving the notification of the booking. This means that someone booking at the surgery at the same time could overtake your booking. We recommend patients check they have received a text notification confirming their appointment (if we have a mobile number on your record).

You can only book single appointments using this service so if you require a double appointment or a medical including HGV and Taxi medicals, please book by telephone or in person.

Using the App on Apple Devices

We are aware the app has several faults. This somewhat limits the convenience of the online service, however, the website version is more reliable. We hope to provide an alternative for our patients in the near future.

Logging in

If you are having issues logging onto the online service there are a few things to be aware of. Firstly, the password provided to you by the surgery is case sensitive and can contain special characters (for example: ” ! % & * # @ / ) which you need to include when logging in. You will need to login to the online service within a week of receiving your login details. You will not be able to log into the service unless you are using a private network (such as the Wi-Fi at home) within the UK. When you are asked to provide your new password after your first login, please ensure the password you choose meets the minimum security requirements (you may need to include a number or upper case letter).¬†Please ensure to remember your new password as you will need it to login from thereon. If your problem persists, we may need to reset your account and provide you with new login details to be collected from the surgery.


If the medication you are trying to order states your medication needs to be reviewed by the responsible clinician then you will need to speak to a doctor or our in-house pharmacist Mr Robert Burnley. You will still be able to request your medication through the SystmOnline website. There is a ‘send custom request’ box at the bottom of the page where you can type the medication you require and we will process your request. Please be aware you cannot send a custom request and a normal request at the same time, you will need to send both request separately.